Bog Presents: The Unknown

BOG product designers are constantly hitting the drawing board to design a better, more innovate product. Ryan's last trip to the drawing board has evolved into the Great Divide Western Tripod, an all-new state of the art tripod from BOG.

With this tripod, testing was extremely important. From tests at the office to tests in the field, the Great Divide went through 10 months of rigorous testing to ensure its reliability and quality. Product designer Ryan continued to put the tripod through drop tests, leg lock tests, and even extreme temperature tests. The tripod was frozen, tested, then subjected to 140 degree heat and tested again. Time and time again, this tripod proved to be the toughest.

The Great Divide is a lightweight, compact tripod meant more for western hunters, minimizing the amount of weight they have to carry when chasing big game across the mountains. We asked Ryan, "Is this the best western tripod that has ever been built?"

"Absolutely. "

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